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  • Colleges merit more than lip service

    North Carolina has made beginning one's quest for baccalaureate degrees more attractive at community colleges that cost less — for both students and taxpayers — and are closer to home.

  • New community college system president will hit the road

    The North Carolina Community College System’s new president, James C. “Jimmie” Williamson, says that his first 90 days in office will be filled with homework and field trips as he learns about interests and needs of the NCCCS. Williamson, who took office on July 1, plans to visit all 58…

  • Community Colleges Prepare For Lean Budget Cycle

    RALEIGH — The North Carolina Community College System proposes to reach its 10-percent goal with a combination of a tuition increase, spending reductions, management flexibility, special category programs, and a “fundamental rethinking” of how to provide funds to the colleges.

  • University Transition From CCs Not Seamless

    RALEIGH — Achieving the much-vaunted “seamless” transition between North Carolina’s community colleges and its universities might require more than superficial fixes. That is the impression given by a report prepared last year for the North Carolina State University history department.

  • Truth & Fiction on Colleges

    Among the info coming soon in the Locke Foundation's Agenda 2002 briefing book for candidates are statistics showing that the UNC system is generously funded and not accomplishing much with the dough – contrary to what you may have heard.