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  • Cooper commits monumental error

    A 2015 law enacted by bipartisan majorities in the General Assembly had forbidden state or local officials from removing public monuments except under limited circumstances. And, of course, preexisting state law made it a crime for private citizens, acting individually or as part of a mob, to deface, damage, or…

  • UNC board ready to move on … to next scandal

    We sent the December print edition of Carolina Journal to the printer Tuesday, Nov. 26. On the cover, we teased a news story inside the paper about the UNC Board of Governors wanting to “move on, despite behind-the-scenes drama.” As they say sarcastically on Twitter, that didn’t age well.

  • CJ politics week in review, Nov. 18-22

    Each week, staff at Carolina Journal looks back at the week in N.C. politics and chooses what we think are some interesting, relevant stories you may have missed. Here’s a week in review: Confederate poll: The latest Elon University…

  • Silent Sam to get a fort

    Silent Sam’s proposed new home will not be a shrine, as some critics have labeled it, but a fortress built to fend off physical attack.

  • In the wake of Silent Sam

    I studied history at a college with a Confederate soldier monument during the biggest progressive social upheaval since the 1960’s. I know just about every single way that old boy can be interpreted. What those idealistic college kids and older antagonizers recently did in Chapel…