• How Much Did Your Congressman Cost?

    RALEIGH — The 13 members of North Carolina’s U.S. House delegation spent $4.3 million in taxpayer funds to run their offices during the third quarter of 2009, including costs for leased hybrid cars, snacks, and bottled water, congressional receipts and expenditures for the third quarter show.

  • Congressional Pay Raises: Pay for Performance?

    RALEIGH — Every Jan. 1 Congress receives an automatic pay increase unless members of the legislature vote to block it. That rarely happens. Because of a procedural rule that enables Congress to accept the pay raise without having a straight up-or-down vote on it, critics call it a stealth pay…

  • A Short-Term Solution

    To argue for limiting the terms of politicians or political leaders is not necessarily to question either their competence or their intentions.

  • Site Publishes Congress Staff Pay

    RALEIGH — The passage of federal legislation last week that establishes a database of federal contracts and earmarks, accessible by the public through the Internet, overshadowed the creation of another recently launched Web site that lists salary information of Congressional staff members.

  • Last Look at U.S. House Primaries

    Developments in the party primaries for the 8th and 13th congressional districts are worth noting, as are nomination fights for other U.S. House seats across North Carolina.

  • NC Is Lean on Federal Pork

    RALEIGH — The Washington-based Citizens Against Government Waste released its annual “Pig Book” last week detailing how earmarking in the federal budget delivers pork to local districts. It reported that “the total number of pork-projects hidden in the 13 appropriations bills ... is a record 10,656, 13 percent over last…