Mark Robinson is right to focus on the dignity of work

Lt. Gov. Mark Robinson certainly grabs plenty of headlines and attention these days. Most conservatives across the state gravitate toward Robinson’s story, his rapid political ascent, and decisiveness on the issues. Many on the left fear him or struggle to take him seriously. Likely for most on the left, it’s a combination of both. Yet,...

Ray Nothstine

NC’s licensing turf wars threaten yet another profession

Cease and desist, ordered the licensing board. The service you’re selling falls under the scope of practice we regulate. Never mind your certifications. Have you taken all the coursework we demand for our license? Have you paid the fees? Are you in the club? It’s just a small service, they responded. It doesn’t threaten your...

Jon Sanders

Bipartisan Freedom to Work bill would give former inmates a second chance to pursue careers

Republicans and Democrats rarely agree, but in North Carolina the two parties seem to have found some common ground in a bipartisan agreement, which comes at the crossroads of criminal justice reform and occupational licensing reform. In North Carolina, and across the country, licensing boards have great leeway to deny an occupational license to people...

Lindsay Marchello

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The problem of credential inflation

Every so often, you come across an article that leaves you thinking, "Gosh -- I can't believe he actually said that!" A recent essay that appeared in The Chronicle of Higher Education (Sept. 27, 2002) had that effect on me. It was written by a sociology professor at the University of Pennsylvania, Randall Collins. Collins entitled his piece, "The Dirty Little Secret of Credential Inflation" and what made it so remarkable was his audacity in speaking a truth so contrary to his professional interest.

George Leef