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  • Myths and facts about the corporate income tax

    BACKGROUND On January 21, 2018, the federal corporate income tax rate dropped from 35% to 21%. The corporate income tax rate in North Carolina fell to 2.5% in 2019. As recently as 2011, the North Carolina corporate income tax rate was 6.9%. This article explains the reasons for these reductions.

  • Corporate tax should be priority

    Congress and the Biden administration seems determined to hike the federal government’s corporate-income tax. Let’s offset some of the inevitable economic damage in our own state.

  • Carolina tax reform sets pace

    The government sector in North Carolina grew slower than the national average from 2013 to 2016 while North Carolina’s private-sector economy grew faster than the national average.

  • VIDEO: Governor Offers Tax Cut in State of the State

    RALEIGH — Gov. Bev Perdue offered a mixed bag in her State of the State address Monday night — proposing a cut in the corporate income tax rate to 4.9 percent while vowing not to reduce taxpayer-financed incentives to businesses. She also proposed a new program offering free two-year degrees…