• JLF’s John Hood analyzes the Ruffin Poole indictment

    John Locke Foundation President John Hood answers host Tom Campbell’s question about the federal corruption indictment of Ruffin Poole, a top aide to former Gov. Mike Easley. This exchange took place during the Jan. 31, 2010, episode of N.C. Spin.

  • Ruffin Poole Enters Federal Courthouse

    Raleigh. NC – Governor Mike Easley’s accused assistant entered the federal courthouse Thursday morning before noon. Ruffin Poole entered the federal courthouse before his scheduled first appearance following a 51 count indictment against him. Poole is accused of corruption charges. Investigators say he played a central role in a pay-to-play…

  • Judge Releases Governor’s Assistant on $50,000 Bond

    Raleigh, NC – A federal judge released former Governor Mike Easley’s assistant, Ruffin Poole, on a $50,000 bond Thursday. Poole was indicted last week on 51 charges related to suspected corruption in the governor’s office.

  • Lanny Wilson Resigns from N.C. Turnpike Authority

    Raleigh. NC – Well known political fundraiser Lanny Wilson resigned his position on a second state board Monday. Federal investigators allege he is involved with a pay-to-play scheme in former Governor Mike Easley’s administration.

  • Gun rights lawyer assesses the impact of a recent N.C. ruling

    Alan Gura, lead counsel in the gun rights case District of Columbia v. Heller, discusses the possible impact of a North Carolina case in which the state Supreme Court affirmed gun ownership rights for a nonviolent ex-felon. Gura delivered these remarks during a presentation to the John Locke Foundation and…

  • Soles Accuser Outlines Allegations of Sexual Assaults

    The week of Oct. 19, Carolina Journal interviewed a 47-year-old man who claimed that when he was 13 years old, state Sen. R.C. Soles Jr., a Democrat from Tabor City, lured him to the senator’s home, plied him with alcohol, and sexually assaulted him. After Carolina Journal Online published the…

  • Jihad Watch director offers an update on Islamist terror

    Robert Spencer, director of Jihad Watch and author of the recent Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran, discusses his current concerns about Islamist terror. Spencer offered these comments during an interview for Carolina Journal Radio (Program No. 335).