• No. 684: Let’s Take Diversity Seriously

    The recent Supreme Court ruling that state universities may use racial preferences in order to obtain a “diverse” student body — provided that they aren’t blatant about it — has met with praise from education leaders in North Carolina.

  • Understanding Why Some Hate America

    CHAPEL HILL — Leftists, such as those in Hollywood and academia, comprise only 10 percent of the population yet they wield a disproportionate amount of power because of the attention and influence their positions in society garner, author Dan Flynn says. Flynn, author of Why the Left Hates America, spoke…

  • Conservatives on campus speak out against ideological intolerance

    "Down with 'Diversity,'" proclaims the October 2002 cover of New Sense magazine at Duke University, published by the students of the Duke Conservative Union. “Trampling UNC’s Intellectual Diversity,” proclaimed the March 2002 cover of Carolina Review, a conservative student publication at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The…

  • N.C. universities continue to chase diversity, but at what cost?

    The diversity movement continues apace in North Carolina higher education. Universities continue to expend resources in pursuit of diversity, a term generally used to refer to having an appropriate mix of students and faculty of different races, genders, and sexual preferences, as well as course offerings tailored to that mix.

  • Where’s the Diversity at UNC?

    Apparently there are no Chapel Hill "experts" who agree with the Bush Administration's policy on Iraq (despite the support for it from many Democrat officials), and that's exactly the point.