• It’s Not Over Till, Well, Never

    After receiving a letter from North Carolina’s two senators signaling the end of serious efforts to securing long-term federal funding for Triangle rail, transit officials say they’ll proceed. And in related news. . .

  • Dole, Burr Like Transportation Bill

    RALEIGH — Critics of pork-barrel spending came down hard on Congress's passage last week of a $286.4 billion transportation spending bill, but U. S. Senators Elizabeth Dole and Richard Burr -- both Republicans -- voiced their approval of what the legislation would do for North Carolina. The state is expected…

  • Sen. Dole Does the Media Rounds

    RALEIGH — Before her speech Tuesday night at the Republican National Convention in New York, Sen. Elizabeth Dole addressed media questions about her husband’s criticism of Democratic presidential nominee John Kerry and Kerry’s service in Vietnam. Appearing on CNN’s “American Morning” Monday, the North Carolina senator demurred when asked by…

  • Free trade won, long ago

    Candidates for U.S. Senate are debating the issue of free trade, even though the economic and philosophical case for it was made two centuries ago by Adam Smith and others.

  • Dole still leads Bowles

    The Locke Foundation’s Agenda 2002 poll found Dole leading Bowles by eight points, with moderates and independents breaking in favor of the Republican. But the game isn’t over -- not just yet.