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  • Restricting consumer choice is folly

    For decades, owners of homes and cars had valuable capital sitting unused. There were no practical means of discovering customers, coordinating schedules, or facilitating payment. Then the Internet showed up.

  • Push back on budget deficits

    State policymakers should resist the urge to treat “Washington” as a cash machine, since it has no money to spit out unless it first taxes us or borrows against future tax hikes.

  • Wheel of politics always turns

    The wisest course is to craft political institutions and make procedural rules as if you don’t know which party will be on top in the future — because you really don't.

  • Carolina voters are often polled

    North Carolinians can easily diversify their survey diet, as we are well served by a stable of reputable pollsters who take the political temperature of our state on a regular basis.

  • Economy weakens Democrats’ case

    Democrats have a message of change, resources, and in some cases talented candidates to deliver the message. But to an increasingly optimistic electorate, it may end up sounding off-key.

  • Carolina politics offers national lessons

    On a measure of net lean to the Democrats or Republicans, North Carolina are one of only six states (along with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Virginia, Maine, and Colorado) to be within two points of the national median.

  • North Carolina thrives on trade

    Levying tariffs to jack up steel prices will hurt other manufacturing firms, which employ vastly more North Carolinians (and other Americans) than the steel companies do.

  • States can lead on roads

    North Carolina policymakers have set firmer priorities within the state’s transportation budget, initiated new user-funded projects, and redirected gas taxes to their proper use of constructing or maintaining roads.