• Duke Case Leaves Lingering Questions

    False accusations against three lacrosse players have faded from the headlines, but Duke, Durham city government, and the local police department still have questions to answer.

  • Fortuitous Praise for Duke Leaders

    On March 13, the anniversary of the Duke lacrosse party that led to a national uproar and a notorious Nifonging, the release of a significant new study prompted praise for Duke for its leadership in higher education.

  • Easley Stumbles on Duke Lacrosse

    Gov. Mike Easley has a significant public-relations problem on his hands. The citizens of Durham and the state as a whole deserve a full explanation – and, frankly, an apology.

  • Instituting A Certain Skepticism

    Duke University has created a new “unbiased” institute on environmental policy run by a former staff member to a Democratic senator, affiliated with a well-known environmental activist, and endorsed by left-wing groups.

  • Duke Chose ‘Savage Inequalities’

    Duke’s summer reading selection, Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities: Children in America’s Schools, rivals UNC's choice of Barbara Erenreich's Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America for its one-sided portrayal of life for children in America's public school system. Savage Inequalities decries the poverty of America's schools and ignores…

  • “International Seal of Approval”?

    DURHAM -- Does the United States need the legitimacy of the United Nations in democratizing Iraq? Does the United Nations have legitimacy to give to this process? Three distinguished panelists discussed, and disagreed, on the answers to these questions during the Confronting Iraq workshop sponsored by Duke University earlier this…

  • Prof Finds Grade Inflation at Duke, UNC

    DURHAM — A Duke University professor has reinvigorated the national debate over grade inflation. Professor Stuart Rojstaczer announced a web site, GradeInflation.com, wherein he has compiled data on more than 50 colleges and universities nationwide showing how average grade-point-averages at them over time have risen. There are two NC schools…

  • Paradigm Lost

    Minutes of the Duke English Dept. meeting wherein faculty decide to dump Shakespeare, Chaucer and Milton for "Gender and Sexuality," "The Science of Literature," "Psychoanalysis and Literature," &c.

  • Call. 9: Hacker Hits Duke Computer System

    A hacking incident at Duke University this week threatened the school's entire computer system and raised questions about Internet security. For several days, a computer hacker used a computer to exploit a temporary security hole in godzilla6, which is one of the six servers on the acpub system.