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  • Broadband access is a necessity

    Running a small business isn’t easy in the best of times, and these aren’t the best of times. Social distancing and concerns over spreading COVID-19 forced many small businesses to try to connect with customers online rather than in person, but here’s the catch: Some businesses can’t easily do that.

  • Some Damage Control on Incentives

    Google made many public officials in North Carolina look like yahoos. Now they needed to defend themselves, and chose a Senate Finance Committee meeting as their opportunity.

  • The Elasticity of Economic Development

    Spending lobbies have figured out that if they can get their pet projects labeled as “economic development,” they have a better chance of securing appropriations than if they identify their real goals.

  • Counting On Economic Incentives

    Public officials who grant corporate subsidies claim that they’ve done the math, and that the taxpayers are net beneficiaries. Something is being left out of the equation.

  • Federal Incentives Ruling Will Stand

    RALEIGH — The U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals in Cincinnati last week declined to reconsider a decision by its own three-member panel of judges, who in September struck down certain targeted tax credits as unconstitutional. The next stop for the case — which has drawn major national attention —…

  • CJ Sues to Obtain Dell Records

    RALEIGH—Carolina Journal and the North Carolina Press Association filed a lawsuit Tuesday to force the state Department of Commerce to release all public records involved in a reported $242 million incentives package the state offered to Dell Computer Corp. of Austin, Texas. Just a few hours later, Commerce officials announced…