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  • Picking winners is for losers

    States with lower overall tax rates tend to make less use of targeted incentives. Those states also happen to grow faster than the desperate high-tax states throwing huge incentive grants around.

  • The real winner in the Apple sweepstakes: North Carolina

    Was Apple’s choice of Austin, Texas, over the Research Triangle for its new, $1 billion campus a win or a loss for North Carolina?  The answer isn’t as obvious as local boosters would have you believe. Sure, the sudden infusion of capital investment and (eventually) high-paying, high-skilled jobs would…

  • Why incentives’ sway didn’t bring Apple our way

    Apple surprised the business world Thursday with an announcement it was investing $1 billion in a new campus in Austin, Texas. The announcement also included news of new sites in Seattle, San Diego, and Culver City, California, and expansions in Pittsburgh, New York, and Boulder, Colorado. It also dashed…

  • Developer Questions State Incentives

    RALEIGH — In a case of swimming against a tsunami of opinion among his professional peers, the leader of a state economic development agency has announced his support for the elimination of certain targeted tax breaks for individual businesses.

  • The Final Insult

    Lawmakers have passed an indefensible program of corporate socialism – right after raising taxes on consumers and small businesses. It was the final insult in a year of outrages. Now voters have a responsibility to respond.