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  • Debates about school funding miss the point

    The mainstream media and pundits on both sides of the aisle focus an extraordinary amount of time and energy examining public school funding. It is not surprising that they do. Surveys suggest that most Americans believe that public schools should receive more taxpayer money. According to the left-leaning PDK/Gallup…

  • State Raised School Spending

    In real per-pupil terms, state spending on public schools rose 3 percent over the past four years, following an 11 percent drop during the last two years of Democratic rule.

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    Recent data underscore what American taxpayers know all too well: at virtually every level – federal, state, and local – education expenditures are skyrocketing. Federal education spending jumped from $15 billion in 2000 to $25 billion in 2005.

  • Education Spending: Out of Control and On a Roll?

    Just this morning I overheard the cry "I need to totally redecorate this office," come winging around the corner and past my office here at the Locke Foundation. What do public school teachers and my esteemed colleague at the JLF have in common? They both want the nicest surroundings possible…