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  • ‘The university of the people’

    Since January 2016, the University of North Carolina system has had two “permanent” presidents and two interim leaders (including current Interim President Dr. Bill Roper). In recent months, UNC Chapel Hill Chancellor Carol Folt left in a huff, taking the Confederate memorial “Silent Sam” down…

  • Richard Burr closes well

    Richard Burr has an average lead of two points as well as the momentum, having gained two points since last month while Deborah Ross is up only one.

  • UNC Wants to Strengthen K-12

    RALEIGH — In 2006 when Erskine Bowles gave his inaugural address as president of the University of North Carolina, he listed strengthening K-12 education in the state as a top priority. “Nothing is more important,” he said.

  • Bowles Pushes Teacher Education

    RALEIGH — When Erskine Bowles became president of the University of North Carolina in 2006, he promised to increase the number of teachers produced by the university, especially in math and science. At his inaugural address he cited the “enormous gap” between the numbers of teachers produced by the UNC…

  • Bowles Named UNC President

    CHAPEL HILL – Former Clinton Administration Chief of Staff and two-time U.S. Senate candidate Erskine Bowles was named Monday the 16th president of the University of North Carolina system. Bowles’ appointment will become effective Jan. 1, when he will then succeed current President Molly Broad, who announced in April her…

  • The Phony Liberal

    The Oct. 14 Senate debate featured Erskine Bowles reversing the usual Democratic strategy in a statewide election in NC. He was a moderate pretending to be a liberal. It was’'t believable.

  • Senate Campaign Tax-Raising Dispute Illuminated

    Dr. Roy Cordato of the John Locke Foundation explains the truth after observing an interesting irony in an Oct. 2 article in the Raleigh News and Observer, in which U.S. Senate candidates Elizabeth Dole and Erskine Bowles accuse each other of supporting the largest tax increase in history.

  • Erskine Gets in Focus

    The Senate candidate's latest TV ad raises a host of troubling questions, the most serious being: could its intended, pathetic audience really be viewers of “The Simpsons”?…

  • The Bowles-Blue Sprint

    There's only three weeks to go until the Senate primary, and the Democratic nomination is still anyone's to get. The campaign hasn't unfolded according to predictions, so don't expect any.