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  • When taxes (almost) killed tap

    Historians of swing music and tap dancing alike point to a proximate cause for a sharp decline in both art forms that began in the mid-1940s: a federal excise tax.

  • N.C. excise tax on spirits nation’s fifth-highest

    The North Carolina excise tax on distilled spirits has risen to the fifth-highest in the country, according to recent data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States. Industry experts say the news is bad for business. Consumers pay an average state excise tax of $14.66 per 750 milliliter…

  • Federal Gas Tax: A Break or A Brake?

    The current discussion of a possible summer holiday on federal gasoline taxes is one that is has become extremely muddled.The reason is that advocates and opponents of a holiday tax break are each arguing their case from a different perspective. The range of arguments over a federal gasoline tax holiday…