• Facebook caught up in vilification of entrepreneurs, enterprises  

    I have found the recent demonization of Facebook and its founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg fascinating and revelatory. We have discovered that during the 2016 presidential campaign the social media giant played unwitting host to hundreds of Russian bots and fake accounts peddling misinformation about the candidates. It has also attracted bad…

  • New firms drive economic growth

    For every high-touted industrial prospect that goes to some other state, keep in mind that many more young, less-famous companies are looking for the right place to launch and begin their growth cycles.

  • Berger likes using social media to chat, share

    RALEIGH — Senate leader Phil Berger, who used a Facebook post to respond to Gov. Roy Cooper a day earlier, said Thursday politicians communicating through social media makes a lot of sense. “I think we’ve seen an evolution over the past several years in how public officials…

  • You Get What You LIke

    Just because people market diet pills and rap “music” through advertising and social media doesn’t mean that they aren’t well suited to more serious causes.