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  • Dollar stores aren’t making Americans less healthy

    My wife and I work hard to stay healthy, a big part of which is eating right, eschewing sugary and pre-packaged foods. Sometimes this is to the chagrin of our two teenage boys who — despite our best efforts — work tirelessly to make our pantry and refrigerator…

  • ‘Food desert’ subsidies may not improve health, research says

    A new state grant program seeks to make fresh produce available in underserved communities, but research suggests the government’s tactics won’t make people healthier. The Healthy Food Small Retailer Program offers some stores up to $25,000 to buy refrigerators and other equipment to start selling produce.

  • Pilot program set to address ‘food deserts’

    North Carolina is initiating an effort to provide healthier food in areas of the state where people may have trouble finding fresh produce, though a federal study of similar efforts in other locations have found they had a “negligible” effect on the amount of produce sold in areas called “food…