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  • Trade is always and everywhere reciprocal

    There is a puzzling expression regularly being used by members of the Trump administration that, they argue, describes a major goal of their protectionist trade policies: “reciprocal trade.” The expression is troubling because, as an economist, I understand that all trade, by definition, is reciprocal. It is best to think of…

  • N.C. farmers about to feel the crunch of retaliatory tariffs

    As the trade dispute with China picks up, bigger farms in North Carolina are scrambling to cope with a shrinking market of customers. U.S. agriculture relies heavily on exporting its products overseas, where China is the world’s fastest-growing market and foreign consumers help keep farms in…

  • Politics of Fear Threaten Free Trade

    CARY — With the election cycle once again in full swing, the political discourse over jobs and the economy has been profoundly negative. For months, newspapers, radio, and television reports have predicted recession, even hinting at the possibility of a depression.

  • Free trade won, long ago

    Candidates for U.S. Senate are debating the issue of free trade, even though the economic and philosophical case for it was made two centuries ago by Adam Smith and others.

  • Free Trade Gains for NC

    So-called conservatives have a very odd very of the nature and scope of government if they think it is OK to use guns to prevent me from buying Mexican-made socks or Malaysian-made toys for my son.