• Placing a Bad Bet

    I’m no fan of gambling. But I’m also no fan of government officials sticking their noses into other people’s business.

  • Gamesters & Cartels They Run

    Public employees and politically favored vendors get to use government muscle to shut down their competition so they can take North Carolina gamblers to the cleaners.

  • Let’s Stop Playing Games

    The next time a politician tells you he believes in freedom, see if he’s bluffing. See if he’ll agree to stop playing the gambling-prohibition game.

  • The Scandal & the Non-Scandal

    A gambling firm suggested language that made it into North Carolina's final lottery bill this year. Believe it or not, that’s not really the scandalous relevation contained in a News & Observer scoop last week.

  • Lottery Jackpot Comes Up Lemons

    Federal Tax Freedom Day comes on April 17th this year. Since Tax Freedom day tells us "how much we are paying for our government," the April 17th date means that, on average, Americans will pay 29.1 percent of their income for government at all levels.

  • The Two Lottery Teams

    Breaking down the pro- and anti-lottery coalitions into their constituent factions helps to clarify what the debate is really about. There are at least five pro-lottery groups and six ones against, each expressing a unique point of view.