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  • Local Tax Bills Fill Hoppers

    RALEIGH — The General Assembly is in session, and for localities, that offers the hope of favorable changes to state law. North Carolina cities and counties are creations of the state and possess only as much authority as the legislature grants them. Nowhere is this limit more apparent than in…

  • GOP Pushes Spending-Cap Bill

    RALEIGH — Republicans in the General Assembly on Monday introduced a Taxpayers’ Protection Act, which would constitutionally place controls on lawmakers’ spending and refund any excess revenues to taxpayers. At the same time the bill's sponsors acknowledged the political reality of their minority status. State Sen. Fred Smith of Clayton,…

  • Five Loves for Valentine’s

    Here are five praiseworthy pieces of legislation that North Carolina lawmakers filed this week in the General Assembly. They all deserve true and undying love.

  • One Thing at a Time

    One of several reasons why North Carolina has gotten into the mess it's in is that politicians introduce too many ideas and try to act on too many of them. We need a new rule: one at a time.

  • Call. 23: Will Spending on University Campuses Cause Prosperity?

    Proponents of the University of North Carolina’s huge spending program — to be financed with bonds that don't require voter approval — have been pulling out all the stops. In a General Assembly committee hearing on the legislation, UNC President Molly Broad said that it should be approved because the…