• Don’t be evil? In ironic twist, Google steps all over its own motto

    Last summer, Google fired a software engineer named James Damore for posting a controversial memo on an in-house message board. This week, Damore and another former Google employee filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of themselves and “all Google employees discriminated against …  due to their perceived conservative political…

  • JLF, CJ Sites Hacked; Malicious Code Detected, Removed

    RALEIGH — Due to malicious computer code that was appended to the advertisements appearing on Carolina Journal Online and the John Locke Foundation’s other websites, many visitors to these sites had a tough time accessing them for the better part of two days.

  • Did SC Get a Better Google Deal?

    RALEIGH — Web search engine company Google officially announced yesterday it would build a $600-million data center near Charleston, S.C., which would represent a similar investment to one announced earlier this year in Lenoir, N.C., in Caldwell County.

  • Some Damage Control on Incentives

    Google made many public officials in North Carolina look like yahoos. Now they needed to defend themselves, and chose a Senate Finance Committee meeting as their opportunity.