Big Business Still Getting Big Payouts From Renewable Tax Credits

Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina, the state’s largest insurance company, in 2015 received state tax credits for investments in renewable energy projects worth more than $40 million, and Duke Energy, the nation’s largest electric utility, used the 35 percent renewable credit for a tax break worth nearly $14 million. While those companies...

Dan Way

N.C. House Democrats Reject Education Tax Credits

RALEIGH — On June 3, Democrats in the North Carolina House rejected an amendment that would have allowed the General Assembly to consider the creation of an education tax credit enabling low- and middle-income students to escape their assigned public schools.

Karen McMahan

Give Credit Where Credit is Due

Across the country, tax credit legislation is fast emerging as a popular, politically viable path to educational choice. Democrats and Republicans alike have embraced tax credits as a way to widen the aperture of educational freedom for low- and middle-income families. Seven states have already passed laws permitting tax credits or deductions for education expenses, empowering parents and saving millions of dollars.

Kristen Blair

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