• House approves bill to bolster rainy day fund

      RALEIGH — The House on Wednesday overwhelmingly approved a bill aimed at beefing up the state’s rainy day fund. “It takes North Carolina from frankly one of the weaker savings regiments of any state to what the Pew Center believes will be one of the…

  • VIDEO: An Inside Player’s View of Nine N.C. Governors

    RALEIGH — Phil Kirk has seen nine N.C. governors in action, from his days as a student Republican Club leader, state senator, two-time cabinet chief, chief of staff to two governors and a U.S. senator, chairman of the State Board of Education, head of North Carolina’s largest business group, lobbyist,…

  • Former N.C. Governor Jim Martin to Collect JLF Award

    RALEIGH — The John Locke Foundation will mark its 20th anniversary next week by honoring the man who led state government at the time of the foundation's founding. Former Gov. Jim Martin will collect the James Knox Polk Award Jan. 13 in Cary.

  • Easley Budget Proposes Spending, Taxes

    RALEIGH — Gov. Mike Easley has proposed North Carolina’s first $20 billion budget, thanks to $210 million in new taxes and a 7.2 percent increase in the state's operations spending, according to a preliminary analysis from the John Locke Foundation.

  • Governor Stakes in 2007

    The 2007 cycle will feature gubernatorial races in Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi. It’s quite possible that afterwards, the partisan balance won’t have shifted at all.

  • The Iowa Myth and the Governor’s Race

    Patrick Ballantine’s surge, Bill Cobey’s stumble, and Richard Vinroot’s lost momentum — are they proof that political spats in multi-candidate primaries are a no-no? Don’t jump to conclusions.

  • Still A Race for Governor

    The latest Mason-Dixon poll on North Carolina's gubernatorial race is out, and the headline is that there is still a race -- for the GOP nomination and in November.