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  • When Education and Politics Collide

    Establishing valid relationships between education reforms and education outcomes is challenging. The task doesn’t lend itself to self-serving rhetoric or political gamesmanship.

  • Not-So-Great Rate Debate

    North Carolina political partisans need to get out more. Our state isn’t the only one that has experienced rapid improvement in graduation rates.

  • Shooting Straight on the Graduation Rate

    It’s that time of year again. This week marked the end of another academic year for students attending traditional public schools in North Carolina. For high school seniors in the midst of graduation ceremonies, this time also represents a proud and much-anticipated rite of passage from the K-12 years to…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    On Tuesday, the Manhattan Institute released a new report, Public High School Graduation and College-Readiness Rates: 1991–2002, evaluating both graduation rates and college readiness state by state. Interestingly, the Manhattan Institute data differs from reports released by the state Department of Public Instruction. This error occurs because the Manhattan Institute…