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  • Divestiture Issue Returns to Campus

    RALEIGH — Movements are underway on college campuses nationwide to cause them to “divest” in holdings that support causes promoters find odious. The campaigns hearken to those in the 1980s where colleges refused to do business with South Africa because of its policy of apartheid. The most well-known current campaign…

  • Why UNC Shouldn’t Be Grousing

    The UNC Board of Governors is not only coming out in favor of Gov. Easley's tax increase. It's demanding more, despite the reality of North Carolina's excessive subsidies.

  • Trouble at Raleigh’s Shaw University

    RALEIGH — Last fall Raleigh's Shaw University fired a professor for “disloyalty” and evicted a student from campus housing over a faculty resolution criticizing Shaw President Talbert O. Shaw and the Board of Trustees. In January the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education sent Shaw a letter about the controversy,…

  • Community Colleges Draw Scrutiny

    RALEIGH — In June, North Carolina legislators are scheduled to receive a study of how the state’s community colleges are funded and how they operate. The study will suggest ways to save on costs and streamline operations in the community colleges. It is being conducted by MGT of America Inc.,…

  • My New Affirmative-Action Grading Policy

    First published in Clarion Call, Weekly Higher Education Newsletter of the John Locke Foundation, this story is hitting the airwaves on Rush Limbaugh and tonight on the O'Reilly Factor.

  • Another Sweetheart Deal at UNC-CH

    RALEIGH — The news last fall of sweetheart deals to exiting administrators UNC-Chapel Hill placed the institution under unsettling scrutiny of its priorities.They came to light after other UNC-CH officials had spent months making the university’s case against any more budget cuts affecting them, on the basis that the university…

  • Prof Finds Grade Inflation at Duke, UNC

    DURHAM — A Duke University professor has reinvigorated the national debate over grade inflation. Professor Stuart Rojstaczer announced a web site, GradeInflation.com, wherein he has compiled data on more than 50 colleges and universities nationwide showing how average grade-point-averages at them over time have risen. There are two NC schools…

  • Don’t believe the hype

    Lots of folks say that North Carolina’s massive investment in public higher education has had huge benefits for the state and its economy. Higher education is valuable, but there is little evidence that above-average taxpayer subsidies improve outcomes.

  • UNCG Faculty Donate Money to Staff

    The faculty at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro has provided state legislators and others a lesson in responsibility and charity in the face of dire fiscal times, writes Jon Sanders.

  • N.C. Students Among Most Subsidized in Nation

    Jon Sanders reports that according to the most recent data, taxpayers in North Carolina pay the fourth-highest per-pupil amount in the nation to subsidize public-college students in their state. Those findings are according to an October Inquiry paper (No. 14, “Providing Access: Who Pays What for Higher Education in N.C.”)…