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  • Reduce Costs, Not Just Prices

    Rather than shift rising costs around by manipulating the prices apparent to consumers, today’s conservative reformers are interested in actually reducing those costs over time.

  • Clinton Pushes Bigger Federal Role For Education In Durham Stop

    Standing alongside some of North Carolina’s most influential black elected officials at Hillside High School, Democratic presidential front-runner Hillary Clinton promised Thursday to shred barriers to minority achievement, protect voting rights, and partner with schools to improve education. The former secretary of state and U.S. senator from New York vilified the National Rifle…

  • Iowa Offers Lesson for N.C.

    The states of Iowa and North Carolina have at least two things in common. First, they are the nation’s top producers of hogs. Second, they are often overrun with politicians desperate to attract attention and votes. But I repeat myself. Now that we know the results of the Iowa caucuses,…

  • Fewer Split the Difference

    Even in the early 2000s, there were many members of Congress whose party affiliations differed from how their districts voted in presidential or other statewide elections. Now there are few.

  • Gore’s good call

    In bailing out of the 2004 presidential race, Al Gore made a good call for his party, his country, and himself. And who knows, he may be back in 2008, just in time to save us all from a horrible fate.