• NC Not Ready for Terror Disaster

    RALEIGH — While thousands of North Carolinians are fighting in and around Iraq to disarm Saddam Hussein and destroy his weapons of mass destruction, NC emergency management professionals are waging a war on terrorism at home as the nation’s terror alert rises and citizens brace for potential terrorist attacks in…

  • Who’s In The Coalition

    In the wake of President Bush's address to the nation announcing imminent war in Iraq, news about the "coalition of the willing" continued to break around the world.

  • ABC Does It Right

    President George W. Bush went on television Monday night to announce plans for war. But minutes after he finished, most broadcast network were back to sitcoms.

  • And So Comes War

    Sunday's Azores summit brought together the leaders of the "coalition of the willing" and signaled the beginning of Gulf War II.

  • On Saddam and Deterrence

    Some are arguing that instead of invading Iraq, the U.S. and its allies should contain and deter Saddam by threatening nuclear retaliation if he uses weapons of mass destruction. This would be a monstrous, and probably a failed, policy.

  • The Deadly Road to Baghdad

    Iraq has seen more than its share of war over millennia of recorded history. But as America prepares to invade, this time war may be accompanied by freedom and rebirth in the cradle of civilization.

  • Al Qaeda Attacks NC Politics

    All bets are off in North Carolina politics right now, not just because of redistricting uncertainty but also because America may well be in another shooting war by the time the November election rolls around.