Tag:Jim Martin

  • Governor should lead on pipeline

    While laying the Atlantic Coast Pipeline will employ thousands of construction workers for a time, the real payoff will come from permanent jobs and income gains derived from gas access and lower-cost electricity.

  • Candidates go their own way

    Since North Carolina politics became truly competitive, Democrats have tended to outperform their presidential nominees while Republicans have tended to underperform theirs.

  • Dream Big, Start Small

    Successful conservative leaders articulate ambitious goals to motivate their followers and then keep them motivated by winning and celebrating gradual victories.

  • The Life and Legacy of Former Gov. Jim Martin

    Gov. Jim Martin on politics & governing; Don van der Vaart on concerns over federal water & air rules; legislators debate cyberstalking law; Molly Worthen on media coverage of evangelicals & politics; Katherine Restrepo on expanded medical coding system…

  • Party Disunity Can Be Fatal

    In 1984, Sen. Jesse Helms believed a bitter Republican primary for governor would hurt his party’s prospects up and down the ballot, very much including his own.

  • Nothing New About Attacks

    I’m all for setting higher standards in political discourse. My only objection is that I don’t think nastiness is a recent invention, either in national politics or right here in North Carolina.