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  • Biden’s mandate goes too far

    President Biden’s vaccine mandate relies on the idea that unvaccinated workers pose a grave risk to their vaccinated coworkers. This is an unwise and counterproductive claim.

  • The government can’t love you

    As communism’s iron grip tightened around eastern Europe in the 20th century, the government became increasingly hostile toward relationships that didn’t center around the State. Civil society was crowded out, and in some cases outlawed, by the expansion of communist regimes that saw little use for friendship. Citizens were encouraged to…

  • The harsh downsides of ‘Biden bucks’

    In selling the supposed benefits of his recently unveiled spending proposals – that would total more than $4 trillion over several years – President Joe Biden bragged that his plans are “designed to redistribute the nation’s wealth.” On this point, I agree. But the wealth redistribution will not be…

  • Can Biden resist deeper attacks on capitalism?

    Much has already been written about Joe Biden’s presidency. His plans that will expand the size and scope of the federal government receive the most attention. Biden quickly pushed a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package through Congress, despite unanimous Republican opposition. This was on top of $3 trillion of relief…

  • Enforce rules to ease labor shortage

    North Carolina is among the states already taking steps to tighten the rules and shut off payments to workers who refuse to accept job offers. It’s good news that the Biden administration won’t stand in the way.