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  • Tax collections could lead to $700 million windfall for N.C.

    A $470-million surge in April tax collections could push the state budget surplus to more than $700 million. Barry Boardman, chief economist for the General Assembly’s nonpartisan Fiscal Research Division, in a Monday, May 6, email alerted legislative leaders of both parties, House, and Senate…

  • JLF Releases Alternative Budget

    RALEIGH — N.C. lawmakers could cut taxes, slice $1 billion from the governor’s budget plan, and still spend more money on top priorities, according to the John Locke Foundation’s new Freedom Budget 2007.

  • Counties Burdened by Medicaid

    RALEIGH — North Carolina is the only state that requires counties to pay a fixed percentage of Medicaid costs, and a recently released John Locke Foundation study shows how much the health-care program for the poor is burdening county budgets. The study notes that counties in the state spend up…