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  • Eminent domain amendment breezes through House, heads to Senate

    State House members continue to push for a constitutional amendment to protect private landowners’ from eminent domain seizures for economic development projects. Similar measures introduced as far back as 2006 have died in the Senate. Rep. Chuck McGrady, R-Henderson, on Thursday ushered…

  • Study: Seizing Property is Easy

    RALEIGH — Last year’s landmark Kelo decision by the U.S. Supreme Court opened people’s eyes about government taking property for economic development. A new John Locke Foundation Spotlight report shows many other ways that state and local governments can prey on private property.

  • The Impact of Kelo v. New London

    Kelo v. New London, a recently decided U.S. Supreme Court case, affirmed that the seizure of private property by the government in the name of economic development is consistent with the “Public Use Clause” of the Fifth Amendment. By acting under this Court sanctioned justification, we are destroying the foundation,…