• Eminent domain amendment back in play

    A bipartisan group of House members this morning filed a bill to amend the state constitution to prevent government taking private property. House Bill 3, the first proposed legislation filed as lawmakers returned to Raleigh today, states: “Private property shall not be taken by eminent domain except for a…

  • Can lawmakers, governor find common ground?

    Opening day of the 2017-18 General Assembly was filled with warm greetings, friendly exchanges, and promises of compromise. After a short break, lawmakers have returned to get down to the real work of the session. It’s time to govern. But can lawmakers find common ground? Some areas of common interest…

  • Kelo-Protection Vote Possible Today

    RALEIGH — The N.C. House could vote as early as today to endorse a constitutional amendment designed to strengthen property rights protection. The proposed amendment cleared a House committee Tuesday evening with little debate.

  • Property Bill Sponsors Optimistic

    RALEIGH — Two primary sponsors of the legislation say they’re optimistic the N.C. House will vote this year on a proposed constitutional amendment protecting property rights. Eighty percent of the House’s members have signed on to the measure.

  • Fate of Eminent Domain Bill Unclear

    RALEIGH — Eighty percent of the members of the N.C. House are cosponsors of a bill that would allow a public vote on a constitutional amendment limiting the powers of governments to seize private property, but that doesn’t mean it will ever come up for a vote.

  • Will TTA Use Eminent Domain?

    RALEIGH — The Triangle Transit Authority, having forgone its pursuit of federal funds for a proposed commuter rail system, instead is planning to work with a developer creating businesses near its 12 planned train stations. Private-property advocates wonder whether TTA could seize land because North Carolina law allows eminent domain…

  • Friday Interview: Property Rights Fight

    RALEIGH — In today’s Friday interview the John Locke Foundation’s Donna Martinez discusses eminent domain and property rights with former Raleigh City Councilman Kieran Shanahan, who heads the North Carolina Property Rights Coalition. The interview aired on Carolina Journal Radio (click here to find the station near you).

  • League Backed City of New London

    RALEIGH — The state's League of Municipalities, despite claiming that what happened in a controversial eminent domain case in Connecticut could not happen in North Carolina, filed an amicus brief in November 2004 on behalf of the city of New London, Conn., in its successful Supreme Court case. Related Property…

  • Amendment Called Kelo Remedy

    RALEIGH — North Carolina can protect private property rights with a carefully worded constitutional amendment. That’s the new recommendation from a John Locke Foundation analyst. North Carolina needs a constitutional amendment to protect property rights that will contain very specific language,” Daren Bakst wrote in his recent report, “A Model…

  • House Begins Post-Kelo Review

    RALEIGH — A new N.C. House committee, reacting to a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June that approved a Connecticut local government’s seizing of one person's private property to give it to another person, began work Thursday reviewing the scope and breadth of North Carolina’s eminent domain statutes.