• Connecting the wrong dots

    Some reporters make mistakes that aren’t very innocent. Others distort the information they’ve gathered to push agendas. But rarely do those who engage in such malpractice suffer any public embarrassment — and it’s rarer still that their employers face any monetary setback for publishing those errors. But that actually happened in…

  • Federal Court Tosses State’s Congressional Map

    In a ruling that could delay or cancel the state’s March 15 primary election, a panel of three federal judges on Friday ruled that North Carolina’s 1st and 12th Congressional Districts violated the federal Voting Rights Act, giving the General Assembly two weeks to come up with new maps…

  • State Getting Sued Again

    Paul Chesser writes that the number of people suing the state increased by two, because of the way Gov. Mike Easley tried to balance the state’s budget the last fiscal year by transferring $80 million from the state’s Highway Trust Fund.

  • Counties jockey for position

    Don’t look now, but flying beneath Raleigh’s political radar screen is a potential revolution by local governments who are bucking -- and suing -- state government.