• Cato scholar, author Arnold Kling explains that dispersed power trumps centralization

    Dr. Arnold Kling, Cato Institute adjunct scholar, explains why markets work better than government in addressing problems, focusing on the contrast between increasingly dispersed information and increasingly centralized government power. Kling delivered these remarks in a March 18, 2010, speech for Campbell University’s Politics, Law, and Economics Lecture Series. Campbell…

  • Call for Jobs in Race to Replace Sen. Albertson

    Eastern North Carolina – There is a primary in each party to find a candidate to replace retiring state Senator Charlie Albertson. The Democrats are District Attorney Dewey Hudson and business owner Gordon Vermillion. Hudson has has decades of experience as a prosecutor. Vermillion describes himself as a conservative democrat.

  • Cal Thomas adapts an old story to the modern American political scene

    Author, syndicated columnist, and Fox News political analyst Cal Thomas uses an old story to help illustrate his concerns about the current American political climate. Thomas offered these comments during a March 9, 2010, John Locke Foundation Headliner speech in Wilmington. Follow the link to watch full-length presentations from the…

  • Two Congressional Candidates Sign Bonded Term Limit Pledge

    Pinehurst, NC – A group based in North Carolina’s golf capital is pushing for candidates to sign a bonded pledge to limit their time in public office. The candidates pledge a sizable portion of their net worth if they break the pledge.

  • Recruiting Candidates for 2010

    Raleigh, NC – The filing period for candidates wanting to run for office in 2010 ends February 26th. This year could be one of the most tumultuous in state history. Nearly a dozen powerful incumbent Democratic legislators announced retirement, and Republicans are emboldened by the opportunity they see to seize…

  • Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Challenging Incentives

    Raleigh, NC – A Wake County Superior Court judge granted the dismissal of a lawsuit challenging the economic incentives the state gave to Johnson & Wales University. The lawsuit claimed former Speaker of the North Carolina House Jim Black orchestrated a $10 million handout to entice the university to consolidate…

  • Campaign Finance Confusion

    Raleigh, N.C. – The Supreme Court recently cleared the way for unions, corporations and other organizations to spend unlimited amounts of money to influence political campaigns. However, North Carolina now may have to change state laws to conform to the Supreme Court’s ruling. The confusion could keep otherwise poltically active…

  • Debating Transit for the Triangle

    Raleigh, NC – Local leaders in Raleigh held a meeting Thursday to inform the public about ways to build a mass transit system in the Triangle. There is no cohesive plan right now, but local planning groups are working on one. A lynchpin will be paying for any plan.