• Legislative Session

    With the big electoral match-ups now set for November and the 2008 General Assembly session now underway, it’s a good idea to focus some attention on legislative politics.

  • Controlling Some Noxious Emissions

    Here’s another basic rule for interpreting political debate: if those who benefit from a given action don’t shoulder a substantial share of cost of that action, but receive its benefits, it will happen much more than it should.

  • JLF: Eschew Tax-Hike Schemes

    RALEIGH — N.C. taxpayers would pay the price if state legislators endorse complex fund-raising schemes this year, according to a recent John Locke Foundation policy report.

  • Legislature Faces Fiscal Reckoning

    RALEIGH — Cash or credit? That’s one of the most important choices North Carolina lawmakers could make this year. It’s a choice that could affect future state budgets, the state’s credit rating, even the 2008 governor’s race.

  • House Debates More Openness

    RALEIGH — Before the N.C. House starts the heavy lifting of the 2007 legislative session, some lawmakers are pushing for a more open process of converting bills into laws. They shared their concerns Wednesday during the House’s vote on its first resolution of the year, H.R. 1.

  • Why Legislative Fairness Works

    Reform won’t “work,” say its critics, because allowing a full and fair debate interferes with the passage of legislation. That's not the fundamental purpose of representative government, however.