• The Ado Annie Assembly

    Our political system wasn’t designed to grease the skids, it was designed to gum them up. So why do we have just a legislature that can't say no?…

  • Session Coming Into Focus

    The "short" session of the North Carolina General Assembly convenes in early May, and it's already becoming clear what the major agenda items will be for consideration.

  • Follow the Bouncing Budget Ball

    State revenues are apparently still running slightly above projections in this fiscal year -- but lawmakers shouldn't get too excited about what this means for the 2004 session.

  • Two Wrongs and a Wright

    The controversy swirling around former legislator Frank Ballance's tax-funded nonprofit isn't an isolated case, as a new case involving Rep. Thomas Wright demonstrates.

  • A First Look at the New Maps

    The NC General Assembly met Monday for a quickie session to draw legislative districts yet again. Issues for litigation immediately presented themselves — of course.

  • News Story Starters to Celebrate

    After a particularly (un)eventful special session in Raleigh Wednesday, the North Carolina legislature managed to prompt one of the most welcome news articles in a while.

  • Bill Would Require Drought Plan

    RALEIGH—A bill requiring community water systems to establish measures for dealing with drought awaits Gov. Mike Easley’s signature. The measure requires that system officials prepare local water supply plans, that the state Department of Environment and Natural Resources establish a Drought Management Advisory Council, and that the council issue drought…

  • Legislative Session in Review

    RALEIGH — The General Assembly is scheduled to wrap up its 2003 session soon. The session provided some notable action, although legislators avoided several controversial issues. For the first time in state history, the House elected cospeakers after Rep. Michael Decker switched parties and cost Republicans a majority in the…