• Red-Light Cameras Stir Debate

    RALEIGH — When some North Carolina cities began using cameras to catch drivers running red lights, privacy advocates expressed concern that Big Brother had found a home at busy intersections around the state. But a General Assembly bill expected to become law this session authorizes the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police department to…

  • Here’s to you, legislature

    North Carolina lawmakers got one very right last week by loosening the regulation of alcohol sales at restaurants. Maybe sound legislating will be habit-forming.

  • NC Commission Seeks New Taxing Options

    RALEIGH -- Sounding a bit like a kid in a candy store, the chairman of Gov. Mike Easley's Commission to Modernize State Finances told legislators last week that an array of new taxes was needed to sweeten the state's bitter budget outlook. Thomas Ross, executive director of the Z. Smith…