• N.C. State making little effort to promote viewpoint heterogeneity  

    Like just about every university and college these days, mine — N.C. State University — spends millions each year on a sprawling bureaucracy advocating racial, gender, and other types of “cultural” diversity.    A university should be a marketplace of ideas to be discovered, understood, analyzed, and debated. Students and research produced…

  • Friday Interview: Goldberg on Liberal Fascism

    RALEIGH — People who object to modern-day liberal policies often hear the insult “fascist” or even “Nazi.” Jonah Goldberg, editor-at-large for National Review Online, says those insults are aimed in the wrong direction. Goldberg has spent much of his career debunking the notion that a conservative viewpoint has anything to…

  • Imagineering A Political Label

    When the Left hears such a thing, the inevitable response is legislation. But when the Right hears such a thing, the inevitable response is, first, investigation.

  • Is It Really Wrong to Steal?

    Liberals and conservatives, at least as these two political groups are described in today's topsy-turvy politics, differ on a fundamental question: when is stealing wrong?…

  • No. 114: Economic Sentiments: Was Adam Smith a Liberal?

    There is a burgeoning movement afoot to redefine Adam Smith as a “liberal” of the contemporary, progressive sort, rather than as the icon of classical liberalism he is standardly taken to be. It has never been a secret that Smith was not an anarchist, nor even, probably, a monarchist.

  • Liberal Groups to Grow

    Despite having far more lucrative sources of funds, leftist groups will continue to be viewed as outgunned, outmanned, and closer to average citizens than conservatives, though the opposite is far closer to the truth.