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  • Duke Energy is right on gas

    If your goal is to reduce carbon emissions in electricity generation, the primary tools available are to replace coal with lower-emitting natural gas and to expand nuclear.

  • Hispanic group joining push to end overcriminalization

    A recent event hosted by the Libre Institute highlighted an issue that’s gaining support across the ideological spectrum: Reforms in the criminal-justice system that would clean up the legal code, not only reducing penalties for nonviolent offenses but also removing many crimes from the books. “Each one of us is…

  • How to Cut Government

    The day after the Nov. 5 elections, William Eggers wrote a “Memo to Rookie Governors” in the Wall Street Journal. His message? “Cut, Cut, Cut.” It was the same message he brought to the economic advisory staff of Gov. Mike Easley Monday morning, prior to a luncheon presentation Eggers gave…