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  • Battle between auditor, court clerks continues

    North Carolina’s clerks of Superior Court are countering criticism from State Auditor Beth Wood over a failure to correct ongoing problems. “We emphatically deny that any clerk has or will refuse to correct identified serious problems,” Steven Cogburn, Buncombe County Clerk of Superior Court and president…

  • Chief justice touts potential benefits of N.C. judicial reforms

    The top officer in the judicial branch of N.C. government is looking at major changes in the way state courts function in the future. Most are designed to increase transparency and improve public access to courts and court documents. N.C. Supreme Court Chief Justice Mark Martin discussed those changes, recommended…

  • Chief justice speaks about raise-the-age, judicial reform

    Mark Martin was elected chief justice of the North Carolina Supreme Court in November 2014, three months after Gov. Pat McCrory appointed him to serve the remainder of retiring Chief Justice Sarah Parker’s term. Two years ago, Martin, who has served on the court since 1999, convened the North Carolina…

  • North Carolina should raise age

    While the juvenile justice system can cost more in the short run, it appears to produce lower rates of recidivism — of young offenders committing more crimes in the future.

  • Courts must rise to the challenge

    At the same time newly minted lawyers are having a harder time finding jobs than previous generations did, more and more North Carolinians are choosing to represent themselves in court.

  • Three-judge panel blocks overhaul of elections board

    RALEIGH — A three-judge Superior Court panel has blocked the overhaul of the State Board of Elections until the case can go to trial or unless a higher court overturns a preliminary injunction. Kellie Myers, Wake County’s trial court administrator, notified the state elections board staff Thursday afternoon. The…

  • Spotlight turns to state courts

    Chief Justice Mark Martin's judicial-reform commission will offer legislative leaders and the new Cooper administration an opportunity to work together on important issues of mutual interest.

  • Court Makes the Right Choice

    Plaintiffs in the Opportunity Scholarship lawsuit had to engage in bizarre legal contortions to try to distinguish their case. Martin and the majority refused to play Constitutional Twister with them.