• Required health coverage

    BOSTON, MA — The Massachusetts legislature approved a bill Tuesday that would require all residents to purchase health insurance or face legal penalties, which would make this the first state to tackle the problem of incomplete medical coverage by treating patients the same way it does cars.

  • Officials seek Medicaid relief

    NCACC First Vice President Terry Garrison of Vance County and Wake County Manager David Cooke presented on Jan. 11 the county perspective on financing the state/federal Medicaid program to the House Select Committee on Health Care’s Medicaid Subcommittee.

  • Counties Burdened by Medicaid

    RALEIGH — North Carolina is the only state that requires counties to pay a fixed percentage of Medicaid costs, and a recently released John Locke Foundation study shows how much the health-care program for the poor is burdening county budgets. The study notes that counties in the state spend up…

  • Medicaid cuts could target drug costs

    The pharmaceutical industry could shoulder almost half of the $10 billion in anticipated cuts to Medicaid, if Congress heeds the advice of a panel charged with finding ways to rein in spending on the joint federal-state program.

  • Don’t Get Used to It

    Health and human services spending, of which Medicaid is the chief element, will grow at a slower rate in FY 2005-06 than North Carolina’s overall state budget will. But that’s not saying much, and changes are still needed.

  • Recovering Our Fiscal Balance

    A new report from AARP shows that North Carolina is no leader when it comes to recovering Medicaid expenses from long-term care recipients who aren't poor. We must do better.

  • On Medicaid, At Least Follow

    Regarding the budget-devouring monster known as Medicaid, North Carolina policymakers don’t seem willing to lead, follow, or even get out of the way. Fiscal discipline requires action.

  • Sparks Fly at Medicaid Hearing

    RALEIGH — In a repeat performance yesterday of last week’s press conference, State Auditor Ralph Campbell explained his findings for a special panel of General Assembly members in a review critical of the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance’s misuse of more than $1 billion in the Medicaid program. Yesterday,…

  • Campbell: “Most Damaging Audit”

    RALEIGH — Calling it “the most damaging audit” issued in his nearly 12 years as state auditor, Ralph Campbell on Tuesday released a scathing review of the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance’s misuse of more than $1 billion in the Medicaid program. As much as $414 million in improper…

  • Poor Counties Bear Medicaid Burden

    RALEIGH — North Carolina and New York are the only states that pass a significant portion of Medicaid costs on to counties. The portion of total costs counties pay is 5.4 percent, or 15 percent of the state’s share. NC’s 22 poorest counties carry up to one-third of their populations…