• Recovering Our Fiscal Balance

    A new report from AARP shows that North Carolina is no leader when it comes to recovering Medicaid expenses from long-term care recipients who aren't poor. We must do better.

  • On Medicaid, At Least Follow

    Regarding the budget-devouring monster known as Medicaid, North Carolina policymakers don’t seem willing to lead, follow, or even get out of the way. Fiscal discipline requires action.

  • Sparks Fly at Medicaid Hearing

    RALEIGH — In a repeat performance yesterday of last week’s press conference, State Auditor Ralph Campbell explained his findings for a special panel of General Assembly members in a review critical of the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance’s misuse of more than $1 billion in the Medicaid program. Yesterday,…

  • Campbell: “Most Damaging Audit”

    RALEIGH — Calling it “the most damaging audit” issued in his nearly 12 years as state auditor, Ralph Campbell on Tuesday released a scathing review of the North Carolina Division of Medical Assistance’s misuse of more than $1 billion in the Medicaid program. As much as $414 million in improper…

  • Poor Counties Bear Medicaid Burden

    RALEIGH — North Carolina and New York are the only states that pass a significant portion of Medicaid costs on to counties. The portion of total costs counties pay is 5.4 percent, or 15 percent of the state’s share. NC’s 22 poorest counties carry up to one-third of their populations…

  • NC Has Self-Inflicted Fiscal Wound

    RALEIGH — After the comparatively good times, both economically and security-wise, of the 1990s, the new millenium brought North Carolina to crisis points in several areas, especially with the state budget, employment, education, and medical malpractice. But few public-policy challenges seem as daunting as the crisis facing Medicaid. Costs have…

  • NC Cracks Down on Medicaid Fraud

    RALEIGH — Medicaid fraud investigators recovered a record amount of money and criminal convictions in 2003. The state investigated and closed 72 cases of fraud during the federal fiscal year that ended Sept. 30. Investigations led to 31 criminal convictions and 22 civil settlements that recovered more than $14 million.

  • No Excuses on NC Medicaid

    Rapid growth in Medicaid spending has played a major role in North Carolina's recent budget woes. State politicians have a lot of excuses -- all lame.

  • Easley’s Next Move

    Having emerged from his hole in February, felt a chill in the air, and not seen his political shadow, Gov. Mike Easley beginning to assert some leadership, though not always for good.

  • Health Care Battle Returns

    The great debate over health inflation didn't end with the demise of HillaryCare in 1993. It's back with a vengeance, as demonstrated by our state budget crisis and double-digit increases in private insurance costs.