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  • A closer look at Phipps staff indictments

    A federal grand jury has indicted two former aides to Agricultural Commissioner Meg Scott Phipps, a U.S. attorney said at a press conference Tuesday. The charges against Linda Johnson Saunders, of Louisburg, and Bobby C. McLamb, of Raleigh, include conspiracy, extortion, wire fraud, and mail fraud, said Frank Whitney, U.S.

  • Phipps tries revisionism

    North Carolina’s agriculture commission is claiming credit for a much-improved State Fair, but the media spin cannot obscure the underlying reality: Illegal contributions to and from her political campaign, and an unbelievable defense of her behavior.

  • Aide Says Meg Knew

    A former campaign rival who went on to work for Ag Commissioner Meg Scott Phipps says that, contrary to sworn testimony, she knew about illegal loan payoffs. If true, it seems time to indict.