• Must test scores be political weapons?

    The fact that North Carolina is significantly above average when it comes to the estimated effectiveness of schools ought to serve as a helpful corrective to the hyperbole that so often pervades political debates about education policy.

  • Deeper discussion needed on schools

    In reading, the state with the highest test scores among low-income students is Indiana, a Republican state that ranks 49th in spending and earns plaudits for conservatives for its policies.

  • N.C. Schools Ranked Seventh

    North Carolina’s public schools are currently producing better results than you might think, according to a recent analysis of independent testing data. But there’s bad news, as well: North Carolina’s rate of improvement has lagged behind the national average since the turn of the 21st century. Matthew Chingos is a…

  • NC Sets Higher Bar

    Texas, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, New York, and North Carolina are in an exclusive club. Can you guess its membership policy?…

  • Ask the Right Questions

    The average reading score for 17-year-olds in 2012 was 287, statistically indistinguishable from the 1971 score and down from a high of 290 in 1992. The math trend looks similarly disappointing.

  • Students Must Read to Achieve

    At least 90 percent of North Carolina students should possess at least basic skills in reading and math and a majority of our students should be proficient in both subjects.

  • Few states set world-class standards

    STANFORD, CA — In this report produced by the Hoover Institute, 2007 test-score information is used to evaluate the rigor of each state’s proficiency standards against the National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP). NC's overall average: D+.