Tag:North Carolina economy

  • Mr. Fantasy’s Happy Little Tune

    When it comes to selling North Carolina as a place to do or start a business, North Carolina’s political class seems to have a hard time distinguishing between fact and fantasy.

  • No Shortcut to NC Growth

    Any state politicians pinning their hopes for electoral or fiscal improvement on rapid job growth later this year should brace themselves for disappointment.

  • How to Win the Contest

    To make a states more economically attractive and vibrant, should politicians improve education or reduce the cost of government? The answer is yes.

  • What Economic Gains?

    It’s their own business if North Carolina politicians want to continue to reside in fantasyland – as long as they stay far out of the way.

  • North Carolina’s Slipping Economy

    A look back at jobless rates in the South shows that North Carolina, which used to lead the economic pack and compare itself to Virginia and Georgia, is now edging closer to Alabama territory. Hey, maybe that big tax hike will help.