• Faulty number skewed health debate

    Now that the individual mandate is essentially gone, we should be embracing reforms that work with our traditions of individual freedom and federalism rather than against them.

  • Are we willing to accept cost of expanding Medicaid? 

    The governor’s behind it, and state Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Mandy Cohen is for it. Some freshmen legislators have made it a priority, some leaders in the N.C. House think it’s a good idea, and 32 states have implemented a version of it.    But does Medicaid expansion…

  • Insurance mandate was never wise

    Conservatives should hasten and formalize the transition of the insurance exchanges into high-risk pools, the policy Washington and the states should have pursued in the first place.

  • There’s no such thing as a universal right to health care

    The power to grant a right to health care is the right to deny it. Anyone who doubts the universal truth of this statement need look no further than the case of 11-month-old British citizen Charlie Gard, who had been on life support with a rare brain disease and recently passed. In November,…

  • Conservative state lawmakers zing Obamacare replacement plan

    Saying the American Health Care Act “has problematic provisions [including] infringements on state sovereignty,” nine Republican members of the General Assembly have urged GOP congressional leaders to make big changes in the Obamacare replacement plan being circulated in Washington. The letter, signed by more than 160 state lawmakers as of…

  • Foxx’s House committee hears Obamacare horror stories

    Small businesses are still hurting from the effects of Obamacare, several entrepreneurs testified on Wednesday before a congressional committee looking at the impacts of and considering alternative to the 2010 health insurance law. The main message business owners gave to the House Committee on Education and the…

  • Repeal Obamacare Light: NC should abandon insurance mandates

    It is now widely recognized that Obamacare’s insurance mandates are one of the many parts of that legislation contributing to the increasing costs of health insurance. These mandates abandon the concept of consumer sovereignty by forcing people to purchase health insurance coverage they may not need or want.