• Perdue Bet Big on ObamaCare

    It was foolish and irresponsible for North Carolina to stay on the health-policy sidelines while the representatives of dozens of other state governments remained engaged.

  • Friday Interview: ObamaCare Earns Poor Marks in First Year

    RALEIGH — Advocates of free markets and limited government raised red flags before Congress approved federal health care legislation last year. Now that the ObamaCare legislation has been in place for a year, critics continue to question its value. Sally Pipes is president and CEO of the Pacific Research Institute…

  • Friday Interview: Government Health Care Is Bad Medicine

    RALEIGH — Government health care is bad medicine. That’s the case libertarian syndicated columnist Deroy Murdock makes as he discusses the impact of the federal health care reform legislation signed into law in March 2010. Murdock, a senior fellow with the Atlas Economic Research Foundation, recently shared his concerns about…

  • What Health Law Brings NC

    Contrary to what President Obama promised during the health care debates of 2009 and 2010, the new law will “bend the cost curve” in health care upward, not downward.

  • Destruction Plan on Schedule

    The uncertainty about whether consumer-driven health plans will be illegal after 2014 has already driven some insurers out of the market. More will follow.

  • The Blunders of ObamaCare

    While Congress may well pay a political price for their decision, the rest of us will pay an even-bigger price out of our wallets, our freedom, and our health.

  • VIDEO: First ObamaCare Tax Frustrates Tanning Salon Owners

    RALEIGH — The first tax under ObamaCare is a 10 percent sales tax on indoor tanning salons. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act required tanning salons to start collecting the tax July 1. However, business owners across the country are unsure of details related to the tax, because the…