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  • Time to revoke some licenses

    Even partial deregulation of licensing would increase the number of North Carolinians entering the occupations in question — and would benefit consumers, though not necessarily the current providers.

  • Lawmakers: Acupuncture board’s actions could be illegal restraint of trade

    A pair of North Carolina occupational licensing boards warring over who may lawfully use acupuncture needles for treatment and therapy could thrust the state into another constitutional embarrassment, state Sen. Andy Wells said Tuesday. The N.C. Acupuncture Licensing Board and the N.C. Board of Physical Therapy Examiners have taken turns…

  • It’s too hard to fly right

    In a less regulated environment, North Carolinians who’ve made mistakes in their past but are now trying to straighten up and fly right would have the opportunity to prove themselves.

  • Occupational licensing Grinch ready to steal opportunities

    It’s the holidays. Time for good cheer, glad tidings and songs of the season. Good will to all, peace and joy. But in North Carolina, a Grinch hides around every corner. He steals opportunity and won’t let people work. The Grinch is occupational licensing. He’s a mean one. Traveling…

  • Q&A: Charlotte-based makeup artist challenges N.C. licensing law 

    Jasna Bukvic-Bhayani wanted to open a makeup artistry school, but the N.C. Board of Cosmetic Art Examiners wouldn’t allow it unless she agreed to teach esthetics and bought thousands of dollars of unrelated equipment. Now, along with the Institute for Justice, Bukvic-Bhayani is suing the board. Carolina Journal Associate Editor Lindsay Marchello sat…

  • Some reforms enjoy broad support

    Many state leaders believe that North Carolina should find ways to ease the transition of convicted criminals into the job market, reform occupational licensing, and offer more apprenticeships.

  • Scholars: North Carolina ranks No. 19 nationally in freedom index

    North Carolina historians might lay claim to the state being first in freedom for its Colonial-era declarations of independence. But the most comprehensive instrument available to measure modern-day economic and personal freedom in the 50 states says it ranks only No. 19. Will Ruger and Jason Sorens,…