• Solving the trust problem between teachers and parents 

    Teachers and parents, we have a trust problem. Just 36 percent of public school teachers express “complete” or “a lot of” trust in parents, EdChoice’s new “Schooling in America Survey” says.  What’s eroding trust? One likely culprit: Parental expectations are sky-high. Harried millennial parents want schools to teach skills once considered part…

  • Test Scores Plummet Under New Standards

    RALEIGH — For Susie Johnson, a Youngsville resident and stay-at-home mother of four special-needs children, paying the bills each month is struggle enough. But watching her sons languish in the public schools was far worse. Some of Johnson’s burden was lessened when Parents for Educational Freedom in North Carolina, a…

  • Lindalyn’s Journal

    After a brief hiatus, charter schools are back in the public eye. Our General Assembly is considering legislation to raise the cap of 100 schools, and a new study is refuting some often-cited negative press. Since charter schools debuted on the national stage in 1992, they have generated vigorous debate.