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  • Close partisan divide will persist

    If you subtract voter preference for Democrats from voter preference for Republicans, only nine states — including North Carolina — have values no greater than two percentage points.

  • Politics isn’t always the answer

    What ought to worry North Carolina leaders, regardless of party or ideology, is that the labor market and other indicators are suggesting a recent weakening of the state’s economic momentum.

  • Tax cuts are not self-financing

    While North Carolina’s GOP leaders may share a party label with Kansas Republicans or the Trump administration, their approach to fiscal policy has been quite different.

  • Average pay isn’t the point

    The real story of the past several years is that North Carolina lawmakers have been restructuring the pay scale for teachers in ways intended to attract and retain high performers.

  • Both parties face age barriers

    Rather than extrapolating a few statistical trends into the future and then waiting for political prizes to fall into their laps, successful candidates will take nothing for granted.

  • Agency mergers can bring benefits

    The past six years have brought significant change in North Carolina government and policy. Conservatives tend to like the budget restraint, tax cuts, school choice initiatives, and other reforms that the Republican-led legislature and former Republican Gov. Pat McCrory enacted. Progressives tend to dislike them. When it comes to the…

  • Cooper is in weaker position

    Phil Berger said he wasn’t against working with Cooper and Democrats. But he rejected Roy Cooper's notion that the 1990s were the good old days to which North Carolina should retreat as quickly as possible.